What is a Mini boat? Mini boats are miniature unmanned sailboats under two meters in length which are capable of making ocean transits. Most mini boats are equipped with GPS units and people are starting to install scientific sensors and computer steering. The majority of mini boat launches are done with schools and university students but this program appeals to people of all ages and walks of life.

Purpose of Mini boat Information Center:

1. Assemble information about mini boats in one site to assist people in participating in various mini boat programs and how they can design, build and participate in existing programs or “do it their way

2. Assist People Who Want to Do a Mini boat: • Mini boat design principles • Different ways to build a mini boat • Where you can buy kits, completed mini boats or parts • Recommended launch sites for intercontinental voyages • Upcoming mini boat events and regattas • Avoiding common mistakes and “pitfalls” • Ask an expert on the design, building techniques, etc.

2. Brief History: This program is an outgrowth of a solo sailor. 15 years ago, he felt he was getting too old to carry on and decided he could send miniature sailboats to sea and monitor them by GPS. These boats surprised even the oceanographers and sea captains as they made numerous inter-continental voyages. Today there have been 200+ launchings and mini boats have sailed to six different continents. We are now starting to add scientific sensors and computerized steering with the goal of developing an economical entry-level research platform.

3. Informational Videos: • Program overview • A Rough Weather Launch off Cape of Good Hope • Test tank Trials

4. Up-coming Collaborative Events: (Join us – no fees) APRIL 20,2020 Maine Maritime Day where students present their bots to the captain, tour the training ship, meet with admissions, tour campus and have lunch. • Spring/Summer 2020 Numerous school mini boat launches by the Maine Maritime Academy • July 23, 2020 Cape of Good Hope launch with the Two Ocean Aquarium and the University of Cape Town Oceanography Department. We’ll again launch off the SA Ahgualas II on their 11 Research cruise with approximately45 select university students and 30 Professors & research professionals. 500-foot State of the art South African research vessel • December 2021 Cape Horn launch is currently being planned. We are hoping to equip this boat with a microcomputer pre-programmed with waypoints, an electronic autopilot with a destination of Perth, Australia 10,153 miles away. We are currently looking for collaborators to assist us with the steering.

5. List of Boat & Parts Manufactures: • Mini boat Research Collaborative www.miniboatresearch.org • United Technologies Center, Bangor, Maine www.unitedechnologiescenter.org

6. Always Welcoming New Collaborators: • We are always welcoming new collaborators. They provide us with new ideas and stimulate continued to grow. This is all volunteer with no fees.

7. This information is provided by • Mini boats Research Collaborative, which is an organization that works with marine architects, experienced ship captains, ocean research centers, avid sailors, universities, professors and others who are all interested in mini boats and the educational impact of this program has around the world. • `The United Technologies Center which is a large multifaceted technical high school that build mini boats and runs a “school business” running mini boat programs.

8. We’re Just Getting Started on This Information Center: Most of the above bullets will become pages and we look forward to providing you with complete information on the miniboats and how you can become involved. For further information contact Dick Baldwin at miniboats@Yahoo.com