This is the latest news letter. Updated 1/4/2021


We use miniature unmanned sailboats in the ocean, equipped with scientific
sensors and we are working to add computerized steering and satellite
communications. These boats are GPS monitored and usually cross oceans.
Mini boats are now on 5 continents, 16 countries, and 16 states.

Wide Appeal:

Grade school students learn geography, wind & current patterns, maritime
history as the boats follow the routes of the early sea explorers.

Middle school students learn earth, marine & environmental science,
foreign studies and enjoy Skyping with the finders.

High school and technology school students learn boat building, sensor
design, satellite communications.

University and college students also work on sensor technology, satellite
communications, and computer steering. University of Maine Marine Science Club supports this collaboration and launched their boat off Cape of Good Hope with Cape Town University.

NOAA and numerous research centers think highly of our program.